Brick: Crossfit and Community

BRICK is a place of community. It’s a place where anyone can come in and if they’re willing to – train like a champion. Crossfit is something that, unless you do Crossfit, you probably won’t understand. Is it a cult? Sure, if you want to call it that. More-so, however, I see it as a lifestyle and people who don’t understand or haven’t experienced this way of living, label it a “cult” because they don’t have enough information to make an accurate understanding of what it really stands for.

Sure, there are varying degrees of commitment regarding this lifestyle. Some people just want to come in for an hour, get their ass kicked, and leave with that endorphin rush, then get on with the rest of their day and leave the gym at the gym. Cool, no problem. Others are more involved, taking part in the “community” aspect, which in my eyes is just as important as going balls out during the WOD of the day. Personally, I have been blessed with creating some of the best relationships and friendships I’ve ever had, through BRICK; without a doubt. I can walk into BRICK any day at any time, and will see someone in there who I’d consider family, because magically that’s what we become. Maybe it’s the gallons of sweat we pour onto the floor as a team during classes that makes this magic happen, but however it happens, there’s a definite bond created between people at BRICK, that you could never create at a “globo-gym.”

Now enough of the sappy crap, let’s get real. We are a team and should act as such. That guy you’re WODing with who you’ve never seen before, get to know him. That girl who is doing her first real Crossfit class, fresh out of Fundamentals, say hello. We are social creatures so there’s no need to act stoic in there. If you’ve been at BRICK for awhile and are a “veteran” so to speak, this applies more to you than the newbies. It’s your unwritten duty to make those newcomers feel welcome and at home the moment they walk through the door.

Also, as a coach, I love questions and this will hold true to every coach at BRICK. If you are unsure of anything… a movement, your diet, whatever the case may be, don’t hesitate to ask any of the coaches there. We will be more than happy to take the time and make sure you are well taken care of. On the flip side, if a coach comes up to you in class and tries to assist you, accept the help graciously. We know what we are doing, so if we say you’re doing a movement incorrectly, you probably are. Our goal is first and foremost to ensure your safety as an athlete, and secondly to make you a better athlete and a fitter human so your quality of life is optimal.

Keep kickin’ ass in there!

Coach Craig


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